Water Leak, High Water Bills, Landlord Retaliation, Tenant Abuse

Nov 17, 2019 Update: APT 2911 no longer listed as available

Good News? Bad News?

I hope Apartment 2911 was pulled down off the official site for The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX (Bassham Properties) because of my post yesterday about its current condition, and not because some poor, unfortunate soul leased it. Time will tell.

A Point of Personal Privilege

I want to express how very grateful I am to every single one of you who has gotten in touch to express empathy and support for me, and outrage at / information about being a  tenant, contractor or worker at The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX and other Bassham Properties. I want to reiterate my promise: your communications with me are confidential, unless you express to me in writing otherwise. Thank you again for everything!

What's Next

Many of you have come here in the middle of this mess, and have asked me to write a recap to catch you up. I am working on that. In the meantime, you can read this to get your feet wet (Sorry. I'm a nerd, and we can't resist puns. They're like catnip!) A lot has happened since I got my July 2017 water bill in late August 2017, but I will try to keep the narrative short and tight. Wish me luck!

High Water Bills / Water Meter Test

I know how hard The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX (Bassham Properties) makes it to see your water meter. I am happy to help walk you through the process, or even come to you privately, and help you run the test to find out if you are experiencing the same problem I have been for 27 months. Like everything else, it will be confidential.

Video Nov 8, 2019: Downstairs Neighbors Flood All Day Friday

I've had a hidden leak since July of 2017, causing my water meter to register use when I'm not using water, generating crazy high water bills.  The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX (Bassham Properties) refuses to acknowledge or fix it. They say there is no leak. They say there's nothing wrong. Here's what happened to the units directly beneath mine, and beneath and behind mine, on Friday, November 8, 2019.

Nov 8, 2019: FLOODING OF APTS 2914 + 2915

Adapted From Description at http://fridayflood.verandah-austin.com (https://youtu.be/GpkvoN6dRfw)

(More info at http://verandahaustin.com)

My downstairs neighbors' apartments flooded all day on Friday, November 8, 2019. That evening, The Magical Clean worked the problem under the supervision and direction of Brendan Drake (Make Ready at  The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartment in Austin TX, owned by Bassham Properties of Poway CA, owned by Bassham Family Trust, Judith K. Bassham & Howard W. Bassham, Trustees). 

As you can see, Brendan and the TMC crew dumped the wastewater they extracted from Apartment 2914 and Apartment 2915 into the storm drain. 

This video starts with their first discharge, but they went through multiple cycles of sucking and dumping, and did not leave until approximately 10:20 PM Friday night, November 8, 2019. 

More videos coming soon

For background on the leak in Building 29, please watch the video below. I am quiet for the first couple of minutes, so please turn on the Closed Captions for the silent movie part:


Call their 24-hour hotline when you witness carpet cleaners dumping into storm drains: 512-974-2550
Call their 24-hour hotline when you witness carpet cleaners dumping into storm drains: 512-974-2550

Video Oct 27, 2019: Ripped Off, Kicked Out.

What happens when I'm not using water anywhere in my apartment at The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX (Bassham Properties)? By "not using water," I mean, when all of my faucets and fixtures are off, all of my water-using appliances are off, and all of the water valves serving my fixtures and appliances are off? Watch and see:

Oct 27, 2019: What Happened, and Is Still Happening

Adapted From YouTube Video Description at http://verandah-austin.com (https://youtu.be/UBnunwZg1_Y)

Renters Beware!  The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX (Bassham Properties)  is kicking me out because I reported a water leak they won't admit or repair. I've been a model Verandah tenant for 11+ years.  

I've been forced to pay crazy high water bills for over two years. For 27 months, my water meter's been registering use when I'm not using water, overbilling me for thousands and thousands of gallons I never got. There's never been anything wrong with my RealPage submeters (old or new). There's just a nasty water leak in Apartment 2924.  

Ken Agnew, Richie Sifuentes, 'Nate' Nathaniel Gonzalez, Brendan Drake, and 'Jon' Jonathan Morales make up the maintenance / make ready team. They've known me for years. They know what a good tenant I am, and how rarely I request their services. On August 6, 2019 they documented for themselves what you see in the video, and promised me they would return to fix it.  

Instead, 69 days later [SIDEBAR: 69 < 180] The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX (Bassham Properties) posted a Notice of Termination to my front door dated October 14, 2019. They're retaliating against me for obeying the demands of the TAA lease they required me to sign (Clause 26.2: Required Notifications). As I swore to do when I signed that lease, I notified them of the leak. I take my promises and legal responsibilities very seriously; and just because I do, I'm losing my home.  


I've lived in my current unit (Apartment 2924) for over 9 years, the last two using less and less and less water. My lifestyle has completely changed, and my water use now is very rare.  

The Verandah Staff knows I'm being terminated for no good (non-corrupt) reason. They know I've been charged for water I'm not using for YEARS; but they won't fix it... at least not for me. Maybe by the time their next victim (I mean, their next 'valued tenant') moves in? Then again, maybe not. How many people really look at their water bills? How many apartment residents ever look at their water meter?  

The Verandah at Grandview Hills (Bassham Properties) are kicking me out of my home now (with the help of Corey Richard Rogers, Jr. of Warren Law Firm), even though I've always paid my rent and water on time; and my neighbors never complain - about my noise, or my cooking smells, or my driving/parking, or anything. But that's not all. Since Maintenance verified the leak on August 6, 2019,  The Verandah at Grandview Hills (Bassham Properties) have subjected me to petty cruelty, starting with this gem:  

When I broke my tailbone, and my mom came to help me recover and care for my dying cat (rest in power, Zoey), I asked that my mom be allowed a seven-day visit. We are entitled to have a guest for three days, and to extend that visit with permission. Michelle Carline Peterson, Property Manager (Amanda Roberts, Assistant Property Manager; 'Aly' Alejandra Weldon and Ryan Hoyle, Leasing Consultants), denied my request. My mom drove 200 miles to be there for me, and had to turn right back around in three days and drive 200 miles back, when she could tell that what I really needed was for her to stay longer to help us.  

For what possible reason was I denied time with - and help from - my mom? Landlord retaliation... and all because I did what I promised to do - what they MADE me promise to do - when I signed my TAA lease.  

We don't have a specific word in the English Language for people who do bad things to good people for money. I propose that we fix that, with a portmanteau of 'Verandah' and 'vandals': 


From now on, let's all call them 'Verandals.'  

Contact information for media inquiries, and for everybody else, most especially current or potential tenants, employees or contractors of The Verandah at Grandview Hills, or any other Bassham Properties community (see link and list below):

Tammy Talpas

#TheVerandahatGrandviewHills #LandlordRetaliation #TenantAbuse #Verandals #VictimofVerandah #VictimofVerandals #VerandahatGrandviewHills #CornfieldResistance  


What is Verandah at Grandview Hills' Better Business Bureau Rating? D. 
Bassham Properties? Also D.
What is Verandah at Grandview Hills' Better Business Bureau Rating? D. Bassham Properties? Also D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take-Home Lesson: Moving on from victimization without reporting it encourages the perpetrator(s) to do it to their next victim. Stop the cycle.

More coming soon...

Legal Letters

What it looks like when The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin decides that hiring a lawyer is cheaper than hiring a plumber. Seriously. That's what they did!

Audio Recordings

The August 6, 2019 Maintenance Response, tenant request for water documents she's entitled to under Texas law, First City of Austin Code Investigation, Second One...

Pics of Home... The Good & Bad

I made Apartment 2924 my home. I didn't want to leave. I wanted the problem fixed. I will share pics of the home I made for me and Zoey, the home The Verandah neglects.

Contact Me

Please watch and share the videos. Ask your friends to, too. Get in touch. Get involved.

METER VIDEO: verandah-austin.com

FLOOD VIDEO: fridayflood.verandah-austin.com

If you're a past, current or prospective tenant, contractor or worker at The Verandah at Grandview Hills Apartments in Austin TX or any Bassham Properties complex (list at end of video description), your communications with me will remain private & confidential, unless & until: 

  1. You decide otherwise &
  2. You put in writing to me that you have. 

I affirm it on Zoey's memory. Unlike my landlord, I keep my word. #GirlScoutsHonor.

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